november 2023

Power Up for Climate Solutions

Over 1400 people joined us to demand climate solutions through 8 actions in 7 countries in the Caribbean.

Communities across the Caribbean are calling for renewable energy initiatives rooted in justice.

During November, in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit COP28, community members gathered in various Caribbean nations as part of Power Up, a Global Month of Action calling for a better alternative to fossil fuels. We participated in renewable energy workshops, art events, visited schools, and took to the streets to call on our leaders to power up a fair, renewable energy transition for all.

In the Caribbean, we bear the burden of scorching heat waves, devastating storms, prolonged droughts, catastrophic floods, and soaring energy bills. People have lost their lives and homes while the fossil fuel industry shamelessly prioritizes their own profit, and keeps blocking real climate action.

Communities worldwide are demanding a better alternative. Wind and solar energy are breaking records, generating increasing amounts of clean electricity each year. There is a growing recognition that comprehensive systemic change is the global response we urgently need.

It is time to shift money and political influence away from fossil fuel companies and power up the global renewable energy revolution. A cleaner, more equitable world is within reach!

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Let’s keep the pressure up. Ask Caribbean leaders to sign the Climate Adaptation Declaration now, and commit to implementing just, equitable climate action to protect our communities before another climate disaster strikes.

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Photo Highlights

Puerto Rico

El Puente (Enlace Latino Acción Climática) and partners kicked off Power Up early on October 28. They joined the global calls for climate justice and a just energy transition during their 5th Annual Climate Walk. Together, with hundreds of people from various parts of Puerto Rico, they walked the streets and demanded the changes they would like to see in their communities, from better environmental protection to cleaner and sustainable energy sources.

Power Up Puerto Rico Photos


On November 2-3, 60 young activists in Port-au-Prince, Haiti took part in a solar training workshop and together installed a solar-powered street light in an area that was previously unsafe to walk at night. The activity, organized by the Haiti Climate Network, is helping to ensure safer communities through access to sustainable electricity.

A second activity was led by Carl-Henry Anouce, through his organisation Avenir, on November 24. They hosted a colouring and painting workshop with young people from Village Solidarité in Haiti around the theme of renewable energy, particularly solar energy.

Power Up Haiti Photos

Power Up Haiti Video

Trinidad and Tobago

On November 3, The Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network held an exhibition in San Fernando, where artists and writers shared what the climate crisis and a Just Transition to renewable energy solutions mean to them. Through visual art, poetry, blogs, and other literary forms, the exhibition sought to ignite dialogue, raise awareness, and promote collective action towards a sustainable future. The art and written pieces were published in an Anthology titled ‘Perspectives of Trinidad and Tobago on the Just Transition’ and serves as a lasting record of the diverse voices and artistic expressions that emerged from this collaborative effort.

Power Up Trinidad & Tobago Photos

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Jamaican community leaders are powering up renewable energy for schools. On November 9, Plakortis and Guardians of the Green launched a mural and environmental awareness corners at two Primary Schools (Osbourne Store Primary and Infant School and Treadlight Primary School) where they continue to engage students and teachers on the importance of switching from fossil fuels, and call for community leaders to invest in renewable energy solutions for schools and other public buildings in Jamaica.

Power Up Jamaica Photos


On November 11, participants engaged in a panel discussion and exhibition organized by Climate Network Guyana. Speakers shared insights on Guyana’s green shift, highlighting renewable energy challenges, opportunities, and what a just transition looks like for Guyanese citizens. Innovative projects and initiatives of organizations leading the charge for renewable energy were on display for attendees to explore.

Power Up Guyana Photos


The Caribbean Climate Network – Grenada Chapter launched a digital campaign on December 1 with a video calling on leaders to triple renewable energy globally and provide finance for vulnerable countries. This video emphasized the Caribbean and global demand for stronger and necessary commitments around renewable energy at COP28.

Power Up Grenada Video

Power Up brought together people in all corners of the world, to show that a global renewable energy revolution is within our reach. People are already leading the way towards a clean, just and peaceful world powered by the wind, the sun and the people – using solutions to the climate crisis as tools of resistance against fossil fuels and injustice. As we move ahead, we will keep echoing loud and clear the voices of the thousands of people who joined Power Up: it’s time we break free from coal, oil and gas, and make polluters pay for the urgent transformation we need.

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