San Fernando – The Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network had its inaugural event on November 3rd, an art and writing exhibition around the theme of Perspectives of Trinidad and Tobago on the Just Transition. This exhibition of pieces by the people of Trinidad and Tobago aimed to explore the diverse viewpoints and creative expressions of artists and writers in relation to the urgent issue of climate change and the concept of a just transition. The exhibition will be followed by a publication featuring the artwork and writings, portraying the unique perspectives of the Trinidadian and Tobagonian community.

St. Francois Girls’ College and their art advocacy rags with the Power Up slogan


About the Exhibition:

Perspectives of Trinidad and Tobago on the Just Transition brings together a rich tapestry of artistic and literary works that delve into the complexities and challenges of climate change and the just transition. Through visual art, poetry, blogs, and other literary forms, the exhibition sought to ignite dialogue, raise awareness, and promote collective action towards a sustainable future.

Trinidad and Tobago, as an island nation highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, holds its own unique perspectives on the concept of a just transition. We have a draft policy for this transition, and with this guidance we can achieve necessary societal shifts required for a fair and equitable transition to a low carbon economy.

Visitors viewing the submissions


Anthology Publication:

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network will be producing a special publication titled ‘Perspectives of Trinidad and Tobago on the Just Transition’. This anthology will feature the artworks, poetry, essays, short stories, and other creative writings that were submitted in the exhibition. It will serve as a lasting record of the diverse voices and artistic expressions that emerged from this collaborative effort.

The publication will be available for purchase through the Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network following the exhibition and at the Legal Deposit at NALIS. All proceeds from the publication will go towards supporting future initiatives aimed at adaptation, solutions building and addressing the impacts of climate change in Trinidad and Tobago.


Supporting Sustainable Change:

The Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network extends its sincere gratitude to, Caribbean Climate Network and the management of the San Fernando Hill for their invaluable support in bringing this exhibition and publication to life. Through their commitment to sustainable development and community engagement, we can collectively work towards a just transition for Trinidad and Tobago and a greener, more sustainable future for all. We also thank all participants Hassan Voyeau, Heidi Boodoosingh, Mikhaela Browne, Davi Ramkallawan, Ryan Bachoo, I-yana Dinzey, Lee-Marie Preston, Ayesha Rivers, Myalee Phillip, Jayda Ramjattan, Sai Sonali Anmolsingh, Semira Bradshaw and Katrina Khan-Roberts. Special thanks to Ms. Leah Fouchong and the students and staff of St. Francois Girls’ College for attending, Our TnTCN Volunteers and Mr. Fyzul Khan for presenting at our live event on San Fernando Hill.

Mr. Fyzul Khan presenting on the importance of energy and how it relates to climate


This event is part of Power Up, an initiative led by and partners all around the world who are joining forces with local movements, groups and communities to spotlight the gross profits retained by oil and gas companies and reclaim the money and power to fund a just future powered by the sun and the wind.

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About The Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network:

The Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network (TnTCN) is a subsidiary, national body to the Caribbean Climate Network, a regional body under Our aim is to bring together climate conscious people from all walks of life toward a representative approach to climate adaptation and solutions building in Trinidad and Tobago. Through this first exhibition and publication, we strive to amplify the voices and visions of Trinidad and Tobago’s artists and writers, highlighting the importance of their perspectives in shaping a just and sustainable future.

For more information about the Caribbean Climate Network, please visit or for local inquiries email

Together, let’s embrace the power of art and writing to drive positive change in Trinidad and Tobago’s journey towards a just transition and a resilient future.