Adapt Now

to Save Lives

A Call to Action for our Leaders



Forest Woodward

The global north is not taking urgent action to stop the climate crisis and many local governments are still not responding to the needed adaptation measures that should be taken to protect our lives.

The Caribbean is already experiencing the effects of the climate crisis. The region’s fossil fuel consumption and contribution to the crisis is minimal compared to worldwide levels. Yet, we are one of the most affected areas.

The people of the Caribbean have the power to demand changes and create a safe and bright future for us all.

We call for our leaders to sign the Declaration and take urgent adaptation measures to protect our lives!


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The Caribbean Climate Adaptation Declaration


We recognize that Caribbean communities are suffering due to:

    • Extreme weather events
    • Destruction of coastal and marine ecosystems
    • Drought
    • Disease
    • Forced migration
    • Food insecurity
    • Species extinction

We recognize that action needs to be taken urgently to help people across the Caribbean adapt to the future climate disasters and further impacts of the climate crisis that is predicted by scientists worldwide. 

For these reasons, we request for climate change to be declared an emergency and for actions to be quickly taken to protect Caribbean lives.

Resources need to be distributed equitably to help Caribbean nations and territories face the impacts of climate change.

We demand that these measures need to be taken to protect our livelihoods:

    • Investment in climate change resilience
    • Protection of water resources
    • Engage marginalized communities in the process of planning to prevent climate related disasters
    • Create robust healthcare systems
    • Guarantee a just and equitable access to housing
    • Offer equitable access to food and water
    • Plan programs to control diseases
    • Protect natural areas
    • Offer accessible and clean transportation and mobility alternatives
    • Build distributed clean and renewable power generation alternatives
    • And more!

We need nations to pursue strategies and actions to mitigate and quickly adapt communities, services and infrastructure to equitably and safely manage the expected climate disasters. Plans and actions need to begin quickly after committing to this declaration to ensure that lives are saved.


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