The Caribbean has always been known as a region of resilience and adaptation to climate change, but the pace of change has accelerated in recent years. The region is experiencing more frequent and intense storms, rising sea levels, droughts and wildfires.

At this time, no country in the Caribbean is prepared to face the scale of this threat alone. We must work together to ensure that everyone has a safe future. We must work together across countries, race, language, gender, age, abilities, and economic status. Adaptation to climate change is a necessity, not an option.

This is the focus of our work at the Caribbean Climate Network. We work with partners and advocates from across the region to mobilize for a common cause. In this publication we share news from the climate movement in the Caribbean, some things we’ve been working on, and how you can take action.

Welcome to the first edition of our #AdaptNow newsletter! We’re going to publish one every two months, so keep an eye out for it. See you again soon!

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Sign the petition to tell Caribbean Leaders to adapt now to save lives

The climate crisis is about survival for us in the Caribbean. This is why we partnered with organizations and activists across the region in October 2022 to call for strong, immediate adaptation actions. But this is not enough.

We need our leaders to commit to doing the right thing – protecting us. Real climate action can protect our communities before disasters happen. We need actions that are equitable, just, and put people before profits. If our leaders sign the Climate Adaptation Declaration, we can hold them accountable for taking these actions now.

Sign this petition to ask Caribbean leaders to adopt the Climate Adaptation Declaration now.


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Tag your government official

Once you’ve signed the petition, take the next step with us. Join our photo petition and tag your government official on social media. Let’s make sure they hear our voices by connecting directly with them.


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