The New Year often marks the potential for positive change. Those of us who see the threats humanity is placing on the planet and the repercussions of our actions, seek to create positive change to ensure the environment which we depend on is protected. As we know, climate change is influenced directly by human sources of emissions. In 2023, we hope to not only engage with more people but to actually change behaviours towards a better future. This can take the form of some simple things which we can all do to create positive change.

Saving energy at home is one of the major ways we can take action. From turning off the lights when you exit a room, to using energy efficient appliances. These are key things to consider not only for protecting the planet but also to reduce your cost of living.

Transportation produces a higher level of emission than one may realize. By opting to walk or cycle, where possible, instead of using a car, you can significantly reduce your impact on the planet.

Diet and lifestyle are all intertwined with use of resources and cost of livelihood. By consuming items that are locally grown instead of imported, you not only support a farmer in your community/country but you also reduce the amount of carbon emitted to transport that food to you for consumption. Looking at the resource requirements to produce foods of different types is also recommended.

Refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle are concepts we hear often, and they are self explanatory. If you don’t need something, why consume it? If something is broken, why not fix it? There are many ways we can reduce waste by using these steps when dealing with the things we use every day.

Plant as many plants and trees as you can. These will capture carbon dioxide from the air and also provide air purification and oxygen, which are critical in the face of climate change.

The true reason for the climate crisis is the fossil fuel industry. The quantity of greenhouse gasses being expelled into the atmosphere is from the need of the current system for hydrocarbon based energy. It is time to transition towards a better future for the planet. Another step you can add to your 2023 list is join the movement to create a safer planet. Join a local organization and be part of the fight.

A young man and woman standing with their palms open to display the soil on their hands. A third young woman is bent over planting a tree in the soil. The text on the image says 'Take action for adaptation'.


These are a few simple steps that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and adapt to protect your life and livelihood in the new year. What will you be implementing? Tag us on social media and let us know what you are doing to help tackle the climate crisis. Your stories matter to the Caribbean and the world!