Photo Petition

Make a banner, take a photo, and tag your government leader to demand urgent adaptation measures for your community.



We are joining forces across the Caribbean to bring attention and call for action from our decision makers in the region.

We need urgent climate adaptation measures that protect our lives, health and communities. It is not safe to wait for the next major hurricane, drought or flood to take action. Our leaders in government have to help us adapt sooner rather than later.

Let’s make sure they hear our voices and concerns through this photo petition.

Download a copy of the toolkit for more information.

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Photo Highlights

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Gather your friends or family to take a photo. Plan for your photo: Where will you take it? Who will you invite? When will you take it?


Prepare your banner. You can print one of our templates or build your own sign.

Use template


Take your photo. Ensure the words ‘ADAPT NOW TO SAVE LIVES!’ are clear and visible. Here’s an example:


Post the image on your social media during and tag your leaders in government. This step is very important. You can tag your prime minister, governor, mayor, president or any other government officials. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok (if the government official has an account). Make sure your post is public so that it can be visible to those tagged. Add any of the sample text below in the caption of your post. Here’s an example:

Suggested Captions

@[Government official] We are at risk and we want climate adaptation NOW. We can’t continue to just have words on paper. It is time to act. Here’s how: #CCN #Adaptnow

Our nation is seeing the effects of the climate crisis and we want urgent adaptation measures that keep us safe. Will you commit @[Government official]? Here’s how: #CCN #Adaptnow

Climate adaptation measures can help us have a stable economy and safe/healthy communities. @[Government official], help us make it a reality. Here’s how: #CCN #Adaptnow

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