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Join the action to celebrate and protect our region!

There are so many things that we love about our region, from our traditional foods to carnival celebrations, from beaches to historical buildings. But they are all at risk of changing or being lost as temperatures rise and disasters intensify.

The things we love about our region are part of who we are as Caribbean people. We need to protect them from the effects of the climate crisis!

This is why we are joining together on June 14-16 to tell our leaders that we need a just transition and strong climate adaptation measures now. Join us in a regional action to express what we love about our home.

Let’s let our leaders know that we want climate action so we can continue enjoying our Caribbean for years to come.



Host a local event in June to share and enjoy the things you love about your country while inviting others to sign the virtual petition to ask for adaptation measures that will keep us safe. Your event can be big or small, online or in-person. Just let us know what you’re thinking and we can support you to make it happen.

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Want to join a planned event? Explore the map below to find one close to you.

Resources for Organizers

Campaign Guide

This is a step-by-step guide with everything you need to know about the campaign. From recruitment to event planning, this guide will help you get ready!

Campaign Guide

Digital Guide

Images, text, and tools you can use to easily share on social media

Digital Guide

Tell Caribbean leaders:

Adapt Now to Save Lives

World leaders have failed millions of people living in the Caribbean. Instead of taking bold climate actions like phasing out fossil fuels and providing loss and damage financing, they allow fossil fuel companies to continue to exploit the ecosystems in already vulnerable communities - our communities.

We are affected daily by rising seas, drought, diseases, and economic injustice. People have already lost their lives and homes. This will only get worse if we do not adapt now to protect our resources and communities.

We need Caribbean leaders to commit to the Climate Adaptation Declaration now. [1] 


We demand that our leaders protect our communities from climate disasters. There’s no time to lose.

Real climate action can protect our communities before disasters happen. We need actions that are equitable, just, and put people before profits. If our leaders sign the Climate Adaptation Declaration, we can hold them accountable for taking these actions now.

By signing this petition, you are joining thousands of us who are demanding that our fundamental rights be protected. Together, we can pressure Caribbean leaders to create safe communities for all.

Sign this petition to ask Caribbean leaders to adopt the Climate Adaptation Declaration now.

[1] Climate Adaptation Declaration

We demand that our leaders protect our communities from climate disasters. There’s no time to lose.

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