Just over a month ago, on April 22nd, we celebrated Earth Day. This year’s theme was ‘Invest in our Planet’, and we came together to reflect on the ways in which we can best do this in light of the multiple crises we face.

Earth Day provides an unique opportunity to highlight stories, share experiences, and identify solutions for the climate crisis. It is also a rallying moment to show decision makers that we are demanding that they act on the pledges they make.

Join us in this edition and continue to invest in our planet and our communities, every day.

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Photo Petition Launch on Earth Day

We’ve heard enough of the Earth Day speeches and the symbolic tree plantings. Without systemic change, it won’t stop the climate crisis. This is why we are asking our leaders to commit to adaptation measures now.

On Saturday, April 22, we took to social media to let our Caribbean leaders know that we care about the climate crisis. We gathered in public spaces, homes and Earth Day celebrations to take photos with signs calling for urgent climate adaptation measures, united by the message, ‘Adapt Now to Save Lives’. We then tagged our leaders on social media to make sure they hear our demands.


From Guyana to Jamaica, people across seven nations have spoken up. Have you added your voice?

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Celebrations in Haiti

On May 1, Haiti Climate Network (HCN) celebrated (for the first time) the National Day of Agriculture and Labor around the theme: Contribution of Agriculture to Sustainable Development in Developing Countries. HCN is an organization that aims to raise awareness of the damage caused by climate change and to help find solutions in Haiti.

HCN celebrated the Day of Agriculture with 80 youth and children in the community of Mirebalais. The event included a presentation by an Agronomist, Yvon Horatus, who highlighted the importance of the agriculture sector in the development of the agri-food industry, and explained how it can open doors for innovation and create alternatives to boost local production.

This presentation was followed by a symbolic reforestation session of almost 100 seedlings.


Pacific Climate Warriors Visit CCN

In our May session we met with 350.org’s Pacific team – the Pacific Climate Warriors. Learn how they organize and mobilize across nations and cultures to fight the climate crisis in their region. Watch now and see how we can adapt their learning to the Caribbean!


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June Session on Climate Anxiety

Feeling anxious as we approach hurricane season? Join CCN’s session on June 7 at 6pm AST to learn about exercises and reflections that can help us manage the anxiety we feel around the climate crisis.

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Use Your Power

Tell Caribbean Leaders to Adapt Now to Save Lives

With the hurricane season upon us, sign the petition to ask Caribbean leaders to plan inclusively and ensure adaptation measures engage and protect our communities.


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Protect The Pitons in Saint Lucia

The people of Saint Lucia are demanding their government to immediately halt all construction at the Anse L’Yvrogne Estate, a foreign project that will privatize all access to that area, and reject any future requests for construction of any kind within the established Pitons Management Area (PMA). This area is home to the Twin Peaks – The Pitons – which are an essential part of Saint Lucian’s national pride and identity; and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. Support the people of Saint Lucia to protect and preserve their natural heritage.

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