October 2022

Action for Adaptation

In 10 countries, with 20+ actions, people across the Caribbean demanded real climate action.

In October 2022, people across the Caribbean displayed the growing strength and diversity of the climate movement.

Together they called for bolder, urgent, and just climate action. People across the region are demanding that their leaders protect their lives and communities from climate change and it’s time for politicians to act. There’s no time to lose.

The Caribbean is already experiencing severe climate impacts. From heatwaves and Sahara dust to extreme storms and catastrophic floods — people are losing their lives and homes in the face of multiple disasters without urgent action from our leaders to adapt to the climate crisis.

With Action for Adaptation we showed that we will not just wait for governments to act. We are going to lead by example and demand that all of our institutions and governments do the same.

The impacts of the climate crisis in the Caribbean could only get worse. We need our leaders to take urgent adaptation measures now to save lives. With 20+ creative actions, people across the region showed our leaders that we will not accept anything less.

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Let’s keep the pressure up. Ask Caribbean leaders to sign the Climate Adaptation Declaration now, and commit to implementing just, equitable climate action to protect our communities before another climate disaster strikes.

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Photo Highlights

There were 20+ actions all over the Caribbean as part of Action for Adaptation:


This initiative has been possible with the support of Open Society Foundations.