Haiti Climate Network (HCN) celebrated the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day on June 5, 2023 with students from two (2) schools in Mirebalais. The day was observed under the theme: Combating Plastic Pollution in Haiti: Challenges and Perspectives.

One month after the celebration of the National Day of Agriculture and Labor, HCN is still on the ground. This time, it’s for a greater cause.

Yes, the cause of the ENVIRONMENT!

HCN celebrated World Environment Day with a debate around the theme. This was led by the General Coordinator of HCN, Dieulique Andral, and the Director of Human Resources, Délia Junior Simon. Over sixty (60) students from two (2) different schools in the city participated.


Activist, Dieulique Andral, and his group during the debate


The two activists shared with the young students the importance of the environment, actions that can harm and pollute it, and how we can fight pollution to have a healthy and livable environment.

After the discussion, the students helped to clean up their surroundings. Through this session they became more aware of the impacts of their actions and have committed to stop doing actions that may degrade their environment.



                       Some of the students that participated in the activity