The Caribbean Climate Network and the Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network hosted the “I Love the Caribbean” event at Didi’s in Charlieville on June 15, 2024, from 11am to 4pm. This event was part of a regional initiative taking place from June 14-16 to raise awareness about the critical impacts of climate change on our beloved Caribbean region.

Climate change poses significant threats to Trinidad and Tobago, impacting our environment, economy, and food security. As temperatures rise and weather patterns become more unpredictable, our local delicacies like doubles, pelau, pone, and bake and shark face potential disruptions in availability.

“The effects of climate change on our food traditions are significant,” stated Didi the Trini DN, a local Dietitian Nutritionist. “Rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns can affect crop yields and food availability for essential ingredients in many Caribbean dishes.”



The “I Love the Caribbean” events aim to engage communities in discussions about building resilience to climate impacts, particularly focusing on ensuring food security. Participants discussed strategies to protect local agriculture, fisheries, and culinary traditions from the challenges posed by climate change through adaptation.

“We are grateful to everyone who joined us at Didi’s to celebrate what we cherish about Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean, and to voice our concerns about how climate change threatens our cuisine,” urged Leah Fouchong, one of the National Coordinators of the Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network. “This event is not just about awareness but also about action. We know Trinbagonians love their bellies, so it’s a way to connect to the urgency at hand through a petition,” said Katrina Khan-Roberts, another National Coordinator of the Trinidad and Tobago Climate Network.

The event featured a climate resilient food game, storytelling and talks from the dietitian Didi the Trini DN and climate advocates Ryan Bachoo and Jayda Ramjattan, with opportunities for attendees to share their personal connections to the region and their hopes for its future. Together, we can ensure that the coming generations continue to enjoy homes filled with good things to eat in our culinary paradise of Trinidad and Tobago.