The Ariwa Farmers Group is a community-based organization. It’s a group of passionate Indigenous people whose ideas and vision are slowly coming to reality. We are working tirelessly to promote good locally grown poultry products, which will be readily available, safer and healthier for our families’ consumption. Farm to Table: Freshness on your Plate


Members of the Ariwa Farmers Group meeting with the Master Trainer from the Rupununi Livestock Development Association to discuss training needs.


COVID-19 has made us realize how much our community needs healthier food. We depend heavily on imported poultry products and on the natural resources in our environment. If we continue this, our natural resources will be seriously impacted, and will worsen the challenges we are presently facing, such as uncontrollable wildfires, loss of wildlife and wildlife habitat, etc.


A member of the Ariwa Farmers Group checking on the chickens


The group saw the desperate need to act. We decided to start rearing our own poultry to substitute the need for protein sourced from wildlife and imported poultry products. This idea is currently being materialized. We also plan to implement climate-smart agricultural practices, and encourage and promote sustainable consumption.

Watch the video below to learn more about my project.