The Caribbean Climate Network is a group composed of members from all over the region. We are working together against the effects of the climate crisis, which is putting our nations, culture and lives at risk. 

We launched in early 2020 after a training program where we noticed the important bonds we were creating and how powerful our movement will become with Caribbean unity. At that moment we knew that we wanted to join our power and talents to support the climate movement at a regional level.

Later, in 2021 we held the Caribbean School of Climate. This was a program directed at new organizers and was created thanks to the ideas of members from the network located in many different countries. In this space we discussed how the climate crisis looks like in our communities, included information directly from local experts, and talked about how we can fight it in a way that is relatable to our regional culture and needs.

We had over 130 registrations from 18 nations and we successfully had 5 sessions with 63 participants and did all of this in 3 languages. It was truly inspiring to learn about what drives activists from all over the region to fight for a safe climate. 

After this program, the Caribbean Climate Network continues to grow and support the local climate movement to protect our islands. We aim at building a region that is safe against the climate crisis and that takes adaptation measures that are based on justice and sustainability.