Climate adaptation, we will say

Go back to the ol’ time ways,

When we didn’t have to try,

No one had to beg and cry

To act sustainably

Or be conscious, environmentally


Reduce? The unhurried life allowed it.

Reuse? Less, better packaging did permit.

Hardly any cars on the road,

With pollution, air not overload

No industry here, there, everywhere,

With that way, we could see clear.


Now, we can’t live without electricity,

Fossil fuels come out to party!

Furniture to decorate the place

Vegetation gone, dust in the face.

Fewer natural air purifiers,

Floods ever increasing in number.


People hungry to find the wherewithal;

From the planet, constant withdrawal.

Creating more and more products,

Greater landfills being the results.

The planet does not need success.

It provides; we are blessed.


Whoooooh!!!! It is too hot!

Brrrrrrrr!!!! Now it’s not!

Fan away the warnings and science

Choose denial and contradictions.

Minds not changing, without remorse!

Unlike weathers and climates, of course.


Reafforestation, community gardens,

These are just starter suggestions.

Stamp an X on fossil fuel.

Lithium and biofuels just as cruel,

If we don’t use sustainably,

Oh! What a quandary!


Ol’ time way of living is ideal

But ‘bout this, we’d make a big deal.

Digital, an essential way of living,

Can’t imagine ever reverting.

Well, then, wind, sea and solar;

That should keep our grid running.