My name is Denise Carr and I am residing in Suriname. The community I represent are vulnerable women, girls, and non-binary people who lack the resources to live a basic life.

Vulnerable women, girls, and non-binary persons in my community face many challenges, including limited access to free health care, gender inequality, violence, and limited access to healthy food. We struggle daily to provide meals for our children to go to school, and with the financial cost of rent to raise our children in a safe and clean environment.

The health care system also continues to fail us. Administration costs are getting higher because of the fluctuation in the currency exchange and medications being out of stock. To provide for our families we have to take risks which increases our exposure to violence. The risks we face will get worse with climate change.

Currently, I am participating in a mentorship program with the Caribbean Climate Network to help solve my community’s challenges. Through the mentorship program I’m learning how to organize meetings and panel discussions to advocate for the measures and policies we need to keep us safe. I’m also working to create a food bank to support vulnerable households with groceries and medicine. My vision is to create a safe and healthy environment where women, girls, and non-binary people can access food, clean water, and medical assistance.

Watch the video below to learn more about my project.