Together we are fighting to build a just and sustainable Caribbean.



We are a network of people from all over the Caribbean who are working together to push for actions that protect our communities against the impacts of the climate crisis.
We want:

Measures taken urgently to adapt our communities to the effects of the climate crisis.

             A just economy based                       on the protection of climate                 and our people.      

A just recovery from disasters and a just transition to 100% renewables.

Who can join?

Any person who wants to take action against the climate crisis and is from any Caribbean country or nation. Our activities are mostly online and in person.

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What do we do?

We lead regional campaigns to hold governments accountable and create a safer Caribbean through implementing climate adaptation measures and solutions. We support local organizers to take action in their communities through monthly training, one-on-one coaching, and direct support to plan and execute projects. We also offer press support, digital organizing, storytelling, and occasional opportunities for grants.

CCN local groups are present in various countries, organizing for climate solutions and adaptation and engaging community members in local events.

Meet the team

From concerned individuals to team members.

We launched in early 2020 after a training program where we noticed the important bonds we were creating and how powerful our movement will become with Caribbean unity. At that moment, we knew that we wanted to join our power and talents to support the climate movement at a regional level.

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Imagine Caribbean Leadership Program

Persons in the Caribbean benefited from training, coaching and direct support to expand their leadership and organize against the climate crisis.

We held the first meetings of the Caribbean Climate Network.


Caribbean School of Climate

Over 60 new organizers from across the region came together through a series of 5 sessions, held in 3 languages. We discussed what the climate crisis looks like in our communities, included information directly from local experts, and talked about how we can fight it in a way that is relatable to our regional culture and needs.


Launch of Adapt Now to Save Lives

We launched the Adapt Now to Save Lives campaign to call on our leaders to take urgent adaptation measures to protect our lives.

Action for Adaptation

In October 2022, people across the Caribbean displayed the growing strength and diversity of the climate movement. People across the region demanded that their leaders protect their lives and communities from climate change. With 20+ Actions for Adaptation across 10 countries, we showed that we will not just wait for governments to act. We are going to lead by example and demand that all of our institutions and governments do the same.